Sales Circuit Terms

Terms And Conditions

1.    Please do not mix countries or topics on a Sales Circuit page.

2.    Ensure that your Member Number appears on every sheet submitted.

3.    When possible Scott Catalogue, or Unitrade numbering is preferred.

4.    Catalogue value and net selling price is required for all stamps.

5.    Minimum selling price, $0.10.  All pricing shall be in multiples of even numbers.

6.    For your protection, it's recommended that pages containing single items with Catalogue value of $10.00 or higher be submitted in a plastic sleeve.

7.    All stamps submitted for sale are submitted at the risk of the Owner.
       The Hamilton Stamp Club assumes no Liability, for loss or stolen items.

8.    All stamps must be submitted on Hamilton Stamp Club Sales Circuit pages. (Download sheets below)

9.    Members will be paid for stamps sold, annually.

10.    Pages will be returned after two (2) years in the Circuit Books, or earlier if substantially depleted.

11.    For the purpose of Year End Auditing of the Circuit Books, there will be NO submission of Sales Circuit Sheets in December.

Thanks for complying with the above terms and conditions.

Download Club Sales Circuit Pages